About Us

We at Al-Noor Model School impart holistic education blended in scientific and spiritual temper aimed at development of Mind, Body & Soul for succeeding in life and Hereafter. The School provides for all of your educational needs within a conducive environment. Our school aims at achieving academic excellence capable of bringing about a radical positive transformation in the socio-economic and ethical standards of the State. Students at Al-Noor learn Science, Communication Skills, Mathematics, Social Science together with Qur’an, Islamic Studies, and Arabic in order to have full understanding about the purpose of their life .Three wide goals of . our school are to prepare students to become committed balanced Muslims, knowledgeable scholars, abreast with latest scientific and technological developments and contributing citizens and community builders. We educate the child on all
fronts; they are nurtured physically, mentally and spiritually. Besides imparting education to its students Al-Noor has been organising programmes for general public concerning Environment ,Ecology, Ethics, Social evils and health thus benefitting the community at large. Al-Noor Charitable Educational Trust ,J&K is a non-profit charitable organisation that is committed to the development and delivery of top quality educational services that shall promote holistic education to the children of state, aimed at development of Mind, Body & Soul for succeeding
in life and Hereafter. The trust has worked diligently to promote divine thought, brotherhood, to establish centres of learning, and build permanent roots of righteousness in the society. In an age of misunderstanding and misinformation, the society continuously facilitates the development of a friendly and open relationship between all groups of the society. The trust runs two schools one at Dana Mazar Srinagar and other at Dhobiwan ,Magam Tangmarg in Kashmir province of J&K State.