The institute is adopting new techniques in teaching learning process which include scientific planning, audio-visual aids, practical demonstrations, and simulations, witnessing application of knowledge by conducting educational tours to actual work fields and establishments.

For effective teaching the teacher student ratio  has been kept at  1:20  for Kindergarten and 1:30 for other classes. Well equipped Science and Computer labs (with 1computer/student) has been established to give access to students for maximum participation in actual experimentation, Information and computer technology. Child-centric curriculum, focused on self-paced learning through activities, project work and skill development is being introduced from the current year. Art and Craft, Clay Modeling, Best out of Waste, Role playing , Debating , Elocution, Group discussion, Audience Speaking, and more to manifest and nurture inherent talent has been started in the School.

One of  the  thrust area in the institutional academic programme is moral education which besides other things include  Arabic / Islamic studies to imbibe religious values and ethics of life. Research based international course on understanding Quran and Salah – The Easy way is being introduced. For this purpose the concerned teachers are undergoing training under the guidance and support of a reputed learned scholar in the said course.

Monthly meetings of faculty with the Management and Advisory Board members are held to make the process of academic reforms more effective .

Educational tours/visits/picnics/Excursions   as per the Academic calendar for the current year are planned  as under:-

    S.No      Class       No. of Visits
    1      Kindergarten       08
    2      Ist. To 5th. Primary       06
    3      6th.& 7th. Class       08
    4      8th.Class       04
    5      9th.Class       08
   6      10th. Class       04


The purpose of these programmes is to expose students to real life skills and shall include visits to various historical places , projects, radio stations, television  stations , industries and large service sector establishments etc.