Donate to Al-Noor

A large percentage of schools run by non profitable trusts raise major portion of their operating budget from donations. By donating money to Al-Noor Model School, you will be giving our next generation of students a chance to continue having updated books, modern laboratory apparatus and equipment , experienced professional teachers, and other programs that enhance the educational experiences of Kashmiri youth. Besides imparting education Al-Noor has been organising programmes for general public concerning Environment ,Ecology, Ethics, Social evils
and health thus benefitting the community at large. We have many projects that need funding like Sponsor a Student, Development of play ground ,Establishment of Skill Development centre, Adult education programme ,Computer literacy etc. As a focus on security for the school and children the School needs fencing especially between
the highway and the school yard. Charity is the third pillar of Islam and a major part of our Deen. Supporting education is considered Sadaqa Jaryia (a continuous charity in this life and in the hereafter). Please help us stay open for many generations to come We are committed to academic excellence and building virtuous traits that will result in the future betterment of our community Any size of contribution shall help us serving the cause.
Jazak Allah Khair!