Vision & Mission


Children are the future of every society . They need to be groomed in a caring and creative atmosphere to grow into responsible individuals. The institution shall strive at achieving academic excellence capable of bringing about a radical positive transformation in the socio-economic and ethical status of the state.


A child is like a blank piece of paper on which any thing can be written. The mission of the institute is to shape the personality of the child by providing a caring and creative atmosphere that helps him to grow into a complete individual.
Our children need a thorough understanding of their culture and morals along with the knowledge of latest advances in science and technology and socio-economic developments. The institute shall provide them a smooth and safe platform to take off on an expedition of learning, gaining strength and understanding, therby spreading happiness and making this world a better place to live.
The institute by concentrating on individual strengths of each student shall make them realize their potential, develop life skills and competencies essential for emerging creative in a rapidly changing society.
It shall lead them to generate theoretical and practical knowledge, imbibe humility, truthfulness, respect for others, justice, leadership and piousness in their beings.
The institute aims to teach communication skills, social awareness and independent living so that our children can establish a meaningful role in society.
We believe that it is important to develop the confidence and self-esteem of students, together with appropriate skills, values and attitudes. This can empower them to take full advantage of their life chances, and become valuable members of the society.